Week of: 10/16/2019


WANTED 4 UGLY Christmas sweaters call 970-641-5644

WANTED & NEED old Makita saw model # 5277NB, which is a hand held 7-8 inch circular saw (looks like a power sander) FOR PARTS. Call 970-596-4440

WANTED: VW WESTFALIA VAN. I'm looking to buy a VW Westy. 1984 or newer. If you've been thinking about getting rid of your's maybe it's time to make it happen. Email me some pics at kikngar@yahoo.com.

WANTED: SQUISHY PLASTIC grapes (fake fruit) 970-641-5644

PREGNANT MOM MESSED UP a first time 12 year old hunter's hunting application. Looking for 3rd or 4th season, Unit 66 Cow or Bull Elk tag. Please call or text 970-629-2502. Thanks!

WANTED: HONDA CRF 150R motorcycle. 970-349-0108

ISO USED BRICKS - don't have to be pretty, using in a garden project. Thanks! 208-631-2776

WANTED : 28-30 foot goose-neck flatbed trailer. 970-641-5644

ISO OLD USED BIKE TRAILER/chariot for and older doggie who can't keep up any more but still wants to go. Loki thanks you. 208-631-2776

WANTED: used circular blades wanted 970-596-4440

WANTED: Old or current COOKS ILLUSTRATED magazines. Call 970-596-4440

WANTED LEFT HANDED compound bow for elk hunting. 970-349-0108

HUNTING VOUCHER WANTED for 3rd season, Cow Elk tag for unit 67. Please call 352-895-2522

ACCEPTING USED MOTOR OIL at Marshall Marine across from old recycle center. 719 S 10th, Gunnison 970-596-2288

WANTED: Bar-b-que cover. 970-641-5644.

LOOKING FOR A Townsend Fish Skinner. Doesn't have to work. Need it for parts. 970-641-3733

WANTED: Chicken coop with nesting boxes or just nesting boxes. 970-641-5644

I COLLECT FILM CAMERAS: 40's thru 80's 35 mm or medium formats. Especially Canon AE1 types, Nikon, Agfa, Pentax, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Leica, Contax, Exakta and their old lenses. 970-823-0002

MATCHES wanted, any style loose or books 970-596-4440

WANTED AND NEED four 5 to 6 foot or taller artificial Christmas trees, call 970-596-4440

CANDLE WAX WANTED: new or used whatever shape, form, condition or color, call 970-596-4440.


WANTING TO RENT a Skidsteer/loader for gravel and dirt work. Would need delivery and pickup. Rental would be for 3 days. Located 10 miles west of Gunnison. 970-641-7382

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WANTED empty pellet stove pellet bags &/or feed bags. Call. 970-596-4440

WANTED TO BUY: all guitars, any condition, used, vintage, etc. Castle Creek Guitars, 132 North Main, 970-641-2747.

EX-VETERAN LOOKING FOR a 3rd or 4th season land owner voucher for a cow or bull tag. Unit 66 preferred 2nd choice unit 67 3rd or 4th season. Bruce 303-929-8674

WANTED: used old or new CDs. 970-596-4440

WANTED: FEMALE SIAMESE kitten. Please text 970-497-9266.