Lost & Found

Week of: 8/23/2017

Lost & Found

wallets, pets, car keys, pack, watch, bicycle...

FOUND RING in Gunnison City dog park. Please email: jillian@handhcpa.com to claim

LOST Android Turbo Phone. Clear case. Most likely lost on RTA bus on Thurs. Aug 17. Please! call 970-275-1875.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS are at the Gunnison Police Department and the owner is either unknown or has not been located. To claim an item listed below please contact the Gunnison Police Department Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and ask for a Neighborhood Services Officer. List is for items received in the last 30 days: 17-1152 Samsung phone; 17-1166 sunglasses; 17-1187 mtn bike; 17-1223 mtn bike; 17-1224 keys, DL Lacey Singleton, Choice card Darlene Douglass; 17-1283 town bike; 17-1286 sunglasses; 17-1296 kid bike Maya Webner; 17-1303 bag of feed; 17-1315 keys, prescription glasses, speaker; 17-1324 reading glasses; 17-1354 mtn bike; 17-1356 knife