Lost & Found

Week of: 4/18/2018

Lost & Found

wallets, pets, car keys, pack, watch, bicycle...

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS are at the Gunnison Police Department and the owner is either unknown or has not been located. To claim an item listed below please contact the Gunnison Police Department Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and ask for Neighborhood Services. If you do not make an appointment to claim property, you may not be able to claim items the same day. List of items found in approximately the last 30 days: 18-0474 dog tags Schebell; 18-0480 DL Sihler; 18-0521 income sheets Darren Wheeler, CO permit Kristopher Linn; 18-0530 bmx bike & 18-0555 keys

FOUND: 2 nice dog leashes at the waterfall. 970-901-3150

LOST A SET OF KEYS on the Van Tuyl trail. One key was for a Honda. Has a Packer key chain and a tassel with small green rocks on it. Really want the tassel back. 970-901-0436


FOUND: Drone found on Brookside Drive near Gunny River on west side of town. No battery pack nor camera. All propellers damaged and major crack along propeller arm. Other damage. (719) 480-2165 after 6PM.

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